Why we choose the latex ?
As we known, most of the customers who had been used the latex products can know the natural latex is good and effective to help you go into sleep .
It will bear the point of strength, stick with human body curve, and specially for comfort.
The ingredient of latex can avoid of the molds and bacteria strands, guarantee for your healthy sleep.
While the durability is enough to last for 20 years. Latex is the best material to give you the healthy sleep experience.
Free of comfort
Experts recommend the best fit hardness for the human sleep comfort is 4~8 layers.
We are now providing 3 kinds of mattresses to differentiate the 4~8 layers.
  • The hardness for 4~5 layers are the extreme comfort, which is the strongest recommend for the customers as it guarantee for the sleep. Each part of body will get the extreme relaxation experience, and you will feel weightless to have a good sleep to welcome a new day.
  • The hardness for 5~7 layers is soft comfort, it provides for the customers who are not able to adopt the zero gravity environment, and this mattress also helps to reduce the fatigue.
  • For this kind of product we hope to service the people who are used to the hard mattress and now want to use the latex products as this change they are unable to sleep. So this product is the a transfer for them to fit the latex products.
Craft selection ? Dunlopillo or Talalay?
We use both of the crafts of Dunlopillo and Talalay.
Mainly we prefer to the Dunlopillo craft to produce as it’s popular in the worldwide ,
and for its low cost , consumption and short production cycle .
While, parts of the products are made by Talalay craft with high price as its high cost , high energy consumption.
The mattress made by Dunlopillo is good for money .
As its long history and stable technique. And the users actually have no visible difference between the Dunlopillo and Talalay products.
So we strongly recommend you to choose the Dunlopillo craft.
If you prefer to the Talalay craft , we would like to provide the good quality mattress with reasonable price.
All Natural Materials The Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress features a simple combination of high quality, all natural components that work together to create a comfortable sleeping surface.It constructed of antibacterial, hypoallergenic materials, anti-mite and microbes. Volatile organic compounds or other hazardous substances are free. Stiff fabric prevents latex from bending as much as it should, but our soft knit cotton fabric allows you to completely feel the softness of the latex foam. Our unique design adds extra give and flexibility not present in mattresses that are completely encased a restricting cover.
Weightlessness “Weightlessness”is the feature of latex mattress, soft sleep experience with adaptive support to help you relax and provide a bit of weightless bounce to help find your comfortable spot.Mainseng is the best choice to experience the ultimate healthy sleep.
More moisture With the character of natural open cell structure, hundreds of millions of high-density honeycomb, so that the air more easily to keep the mattress dry and effective diversion of body heat, effectively prevent the mites, providing a more comfortable sleep. And the Dunlop production process, can create a more natural and comfortable sleep environment.
20 years of sweet promise The main component of our mattresses is our 100% latex from the rubber plantation. We work directly with our partners in Thailand to bring you the highest quality latex available. Pure latex contains absolutely no synthetic latex or fillers and is made through the energy efficient Dunlop Process. Our 100% natural latex is the best sleeping surface available for the service life of up to 20 years! It provides pinpointed support which adjusts instantly as you move to help prevent the buildup of pressure points.
30-day return guarantee All purchasers of Mainseng products have 30 days to return said products from the day which said product is delivered for a full refund. While the other similar products with 15 days return guarantee, it is more convincing to trust.
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