In the mattress production process and the benefits it brings to us,
the production of MAINSENG latex pillows,our design and manufacturing focus on the details.
One-third of a person's life is spent with the pillow, and a quarter of insomnia sleep problems from the pillow.
While sleeping, in addition to the latex mattress can bring the body a good recovery, the latex pillow also plays a vital role.
The most important role is to provide the head and the brain to get the best rest by the pillow.
Thai oak latex First of all, our material 100% from the Thai rubber forest, and natural latex products with a slight milk flavor,it absolutely does not contain any irritating volatile smell. So as to ensure that our pillow products can make your sleep does not have any burden for your head and provide the best rest space.
Antibacterial perspiration Secondly, we use the inner pillow in consideration of environmental protection, more consideration is the pillow with antibacterial capacity and perspiration breathable ability, so to ensure that you are in a dry and breathable environment.And avoid you to worry about a variety of harmful bacteria on your sleep.
Natural wool For 100% natural materials will bring us skin-friendly experience, we choose 100% natural fabrics or the other high specification materials as the outer pillowcases to the head skin contact.
Good air permeability In consideration of environmental protection , our inner pillow is using silver ion antimicrobial technology to inhibit bacteria, mold, mites and other harmful substances breeding. Silver ions are an antimicrobial substance that inhibits the growth, reproduction, or killing the microorganisms directly, thus to ensure a clean sleep environment without any various of harmful bacterias on your sleep.
Ergonomic Design The unique curve design effectively reduces the pressure on the shoulder when sleeping, protects and relieves cervical discomfort so as to improve the quality of sleep. Excellent ergonomic support for the head and neck, contribute to the best arrangement of the spine. According to different people, different needs, and ergonomic mechanics, we will target to make more different, suitable products for different groups of customers.
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