Natural latex from the Thai
100% Thai Oak Latex Some merchants claim that their products are made of 100% latex, in fact, is to use a layer of thin natural latex as the outer membrane, actually the inner are made of synthetic latex, and even worse synthetic of oil emulsion, which will bring the damage to the body largely, we firmly resist to it!
Natural organic We know the damage of black cotton for a long time, it carries a variety of bacteria seriously to endanger our health. In the attitude of responsible, Mainseng provides the cotton products with made of the cotton in the plateau, it is much drier than the average breathable, more soft and comfortable. Organic cotton, good ventilation, quick-drying, no static electricity, and the anti-mite effect is 83.1% higher than ordinary cotton.
We have such a high-quality products, we must Thanksgiving for the nature We try to keep raw materials as natural as possible,
to make natural latex more suitable for our lives by the wisdom from the natural world,
but all of these should be carried on with awe!
Textile Association Standard 100 is an international recognized
certification standard for textiles and household articles.
He is a measure of the purity of the textile and security certification.
This certification shows the MAINSENG products containing the
formaldehyde, Nong ,Drugs, chlorophenols, heavy metals and phthalates.
MAINSENG is a member of the SFC.
We work together to take measures to reduce
carbon emissions, water pollution, and non-recyclable waste reduction.
And to control he source of sustainable development and the materials.
So as to protect the earth and Sustainable industry development.
Light incense smell Made of high purity latex fluids, emitting of incense smell , nature , nonhazardous without formaldehyde.
High-density honeycomb pores Millions of high-density honeycomb pores and thousands of tiny networks to drive away the body of wasted heat and moisture, while to avoid of the mites.
Softy The body contacts area is 70% higher than the common mattress while you using our products, and well bear weight to fit body curves.
No deformation With the feature of instant rebound and high elastic deformation, to help you enjoy the real buoyancy sleep , to enter into the deep sleep status, the No.1 selection to relieve fatigue.
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