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Natural products, energetic life comes from Mainseng
Improve your life everyday The fatigue, back pain and stiff joints while you waking up is a sign.
You need a comfortable sleep to relieve the pressure.Mainseng latex products with its unique nature of springback,
fitting the body in 360 degree, high rebound deformation, help you enter into the deep sleep state easily.
Take you to enjoy the buoyancy sleep easily , really relax, reduce the fatigue, daily early morning full refresh!
Wish you be in this increasingly body state, and fall in love with every night!
Research data of Mainteng test
Four aspects to improve the quality of your sleep Third of the time we will spend in sleep
Good sleep can eliminate the fatigue of a whole day ,and to refresh the spirit in the rest.
Eliminate the fatigue, relieve the stress and promote body development, prevent aging, all thanks to a good sleep.
Maiseng mattress maximize the limitation for you to solve the problems aboved, to improve the quality of your sleep.
Maiseng mattress with the natural features without stimulus, to provide for you a solid bastion for your body and mind.
More clean sanitation
Human body engineering When you buy a Talalay mattress there are many things that assure you, you have bought a quality product. Not only because it is a Talalay but also because of its high focus on safety in health and environment.The mattress can fit your body with 360 degree perfectly, in which sleeping posture you can experience the direct touch with it, to enjoy each night you will have.
Relieve the pain Mainseng will provide a better enviroment to you without pressure, and fit your body perfectly . To relieve the fatigue from the daily hard work everyday as to the good relax while you using our products.
Improve body circulation As the even density and soft, the human exposure area is more than 70% higher than a regular mattress when you use our products. You can feel average dispersion tolerance of the body weight, because of MAINSENG products without pressure points, it can effectively promote the capillaries and blood circulation. You wont feel numb when you wake up, and your muscle also can get the oxygen and nutrients they need.
More moisture With the character of natural open cell structure, hundreds of millions of high-density honeycomb, so that the air more easily to keep the mattress dry and effective diversion of body heat, effectively prevent the mites, providing a more comfortable sleep. And the Dunlop production process, can create a more natural and comfortable sleep environment.
High quality sleep The features of high rebound support materials, and antibacterial,natural constant temperature air condition system, will make you have a good sleep environment !High quality sleep means you will have a clear mind and a lower risk of heart disease.MAINSENG will ensure you high quality sleep over the next 20 years.
Healthy By Nature Each MAINSENG product is made by natural latex, toxin and chemical-free .
The package is also included to organic cotton and natural wool . And we provide you maintenance and guarantee for 5 years.
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