We have have created Mainseng since 2016, adopting the developed system with 10 years latex manufacture experience to produce the best latex products.
Every drop of latex comes from the Thailand, we stick on the best materials. Each production flow according to the nonhazardous products standard.
We are try to provide the best latex pillow and mattress with good for money .
Here we are providing the best latex products with higher-level quality than Thailand.
While we are never stopping our efforts to meet the higher requirements from the customers and seeking for better sleepy products demand.
Light incense
Made of high purity latex fluids, emitting of incense smell , nature , nonhazardous without formaldehyde.
High-density honeycomb pores
Millions of high-density honeycomb pores and thousands of tiny networks to drive away the body of wasted heat and moisture, while to avoid of the mites.
The body contacts area is 70% higher than the common mattress while you using our products, and well bear weight to fit body curves.
No deformation
With the feature of instant rebound and high elastic deformation, to help you enjoy the real buoyancy sleep , to enter into the deep sleep status, the No.1 selection to relieve fatigue.
Oak latex originally from the Thailand
Good for money

Commitment MAINSENG provide 100% nonhazardous products, made of natural emulsion,
new zealand wool , 100% organic cotton, manufacturing by flooring craft process. We stick to the perfect alternative to mattress originally comes from the forest(nature), and stop at the nature.
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